Rwаndаn gеnоcіdе еvеnt lаnds wіth studеnts

The genocide, which killed over a million Tutsis in 100 days, struck 24 years ago. Although many students were not directly affected the genocide, the intergenerational trauma Rwanda’s current youth feels was discussed at length at the ensuing panel discussion in Dewey Hall.

Mіss Іsrаеl wіnnеr spеаks оn іdеntіty

For Aynaw, her experiences as an Ethiopian-Jewish immigrant distinguished her from from the other contestants. When asked by the judges why she was there, she recalled saying: “We have already chosen an Arabic Miss Israel, a Russian Miss Israel, Yemen. This is the time to choose a black Miss Israel, me.”

Gіl аnd Hоltz wіn uncоntеstеd SА еlеctіоn

Gil and Holtz plan to spend the rest of the semester laying the groundwork for their return in the fall. And once that comes around, one of their first goals will be to meet with a representative of every group on campus “to express their concerns and to see what they want to get out of SA,” said Holtz.


Thіs Wееk іn thе CBNОL: Аprіl 9

Junior Daren Venable’s trial begins in the stabbing death of junior Jeffrey Bordeaux, Jr.

CBNОL Еаts: Bаttlе оf thе bаrbеcuеs: Dоеs Stіcky Lіps hоld up аgаіnst Dіnо?

Just like Dino, Sticky Lips aims to capture the Americana look of old-school barbecue houses off the open road, like the ones in some motorcycle road trip movie. The difference is that Sticky Lips has way brighter lighting and a less-crowded feel.

UR usеd tо sеrvе bееr оn cаmpus. Whаt hаppеnеd?

Before 1984, Yellowjacket Day — as Yellowjacket Weekendwas then only a one-day event — served alcohol, a CBNOL story from that year reported. The University gave away free beer.